Chikane Shirakawa

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Kanji 白河千歌音
Romaji Chikane Shirakawa
Personal Info
Birthday14th of July
Blood TypeAB
Hair ColorPastel Pink
Eye ColorLime green
FamilyKaito Shirakawa (Elder brother)
Home PlaceParajuku
OccupationIdol and filtrè
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Summer Tears Diary

Credens Iustitiam

Favorite Brand(s)Rock Red Star Japanese Style
Image Color
Voice ActressAyaka Asai
SingerKana from AIKATSU☆STARS!
I won't lose to you all*winks*

Chikane Shirakawa (白河千歌音) is a mysterious idol that came at the Pripara Idol Academy with her brother because someone tells her to, she's a filtrè which mean that she can prelevate the black hearts without problems and purificate them in white hearts. She's determinate to defeat someone that she really admires.She's the owner of the Cool Kami Jewel ,like her brother,Chikane hides a secret too

She's the third chara of Hime Shiratenshi


She has pink long hair with a small side tail and green orbed eyes. She has too a tanned skin and she's very tall


She's very strict and aims to be the number 1 idol in the world, but she can also be gentle and a smiling person, when she stays with someone that she likes.She seems to get embarassed easily


Chikane (千歌音) means "thousand song sound" 


  • Kaito Shirakawa:Her elder brother, they care for each other very much and Kaito is willing to protect Chikane at the cost of his life.Chikane sometimes is a little jealous of the act ability of his brother
  • Sofia Kurokawa: Her best friend although that she doesn't show it, Chikane really cares about Sofia, although that she hates when Sofia glomps her.
  • Seto Vessalius :They were friends from the past(when Chikane was called back then Kotoha,because she didn't remember anything)At first Chikane didn't want him to reconize her,because she broke a promise back in the past,and she felt guilty about it.They are now friends again
  • Moffun: They know each other from the past (s. XVII). When Seto was still a human.They were friends and still now even if they sometimes bicker a little


  • She gets embarrassed easily.
  • She's a yandere but also a tsundere.
  • She likes spicy food
  • She never tell this to anyone but she really likes peluches,because they make her remember something really important
  • She likes the astrology

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