Template:Idol InfoChika Hanazawa is one of CureItsuki's main characters and seventh character overall.


Chika Hanazawa is a determined girl who is pretty much always happy and trying to make things right. She wants to be a superhero idol, one who comes in and saves the day.


Chika wears a light pink dress. Her wavy hair is emerald green, and is tied into twin tails. She wears many deep pink ribbons, like on her dress, her shoes, her gloves, and in her hair. She wears white silk gloves with bows. Her cape is yellow green.


  • Chika has a very busy schedule. Normally she has to run off when fans try to get her autograph.
  • She sometimes calls herself a princess, because she has a group of people that follow her around, like a fan club.
  • She has the Prism Voice.
  • She sleep walks, so when she's sleeping, she normally falls off the bed.
  • Because of this, she usually sleeps on the ground.
  • Chika is actually very shy; she gets scared when talking to people and normally hides in the shadows.
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