Template:Idol Info She is Miuki Kinomoto's Character. Along with Miuki and Rika, She is in a trio call "MiRyKa-Miracles" and her dream team with Rin and Ran is known as "black and white miracles"


Cherry (Chiharu) is a short girl with a pale complexion and pink eyes with hearts. She has long black hair which is usually tied in two low pigtails.

About Chara:

Cherry is a girl who is Laala's age. She is quite childish and is known for her stubbornness.

People often worry about her due of her clumsiness. She loves animals, she is a green thumb. Nobody can understand nature better than her (She's a tree hugger xD) and tries to keep everyone happy. She is kind, nice and sweet. Loves candy ALOT! She'll do anything for candy.....literally xDD!


Miuki Kinomoto :

She likes Miuki alot...She's usually jealous of Miuki hanging out with others so, she teases others so that she can play with her even though Miuki finds her "childish".

Rika Hirayama:

Same relation like to Miuki. Rika is usually mean to her but she still considers her as a friend.

Hojou Sophie:

Likes Sophie a lot. (She likes her fancy mode more xDDDDDDD).

Mikan Shiratama:

Likes Mikan alot. Both of them have a lot in common except cherry likes candy MORE!


She likes teasing Hanako alot, since she gets easily annoyed ( don't mind it, hannachi xDDDDDD). She still thinks hanako's a guy.


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