PriParis Princess

Casual | Cyalume (Solo) | Super Cyalume Primrose

Kanji 千春
Romaji Chiharu
Personal Info
BirthdayApril 16th
Blood Type???
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorRed
Home PlacePriParis
OccupationPriParis Princess
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Ashita Kuru Hi (Kobato.)
Favorite Brand(s)Coco Flower
SHiMer Miracle
Image Color
Voice ActressKana Hanazawa

Chiharu is a mysterious girl who is the Princess of PriParis's PriPara. She has the ability to summon Yo-kai who always help her whenever they can. This character belongs to Ivanly912.

She graduated from PIA when she left for PriParis. When she came back, she decided to become a singing teacher to help students improve and better use their Prism Voice. As of November 2017, she has permanently returned to PriParis.


Chiharu has a pale complexion with large crimson eyes. Her medium-short length hair of melon is worn loose with a thick braid across the top of her head. Her bangs are brushed to the sides with a thin forelock on each side of her head that reaches her shoulders. She is normally seen in blue and purple themed attire.


Chiharu is a very quiet girl but can be loud. She loves animals and can talk with them (Like Fuwari) However, she is afraid of snakes and completely loses her cool when faced with one. Otherwise, she has Princess like manners (e.g. Thank you very much instead of thanks).

Significant Coords

Tyrolean Fleur Grape Coord - Chiharu's casual.

Aqua Coco Flower Cyalume Coord - Her Cyalume Coord

Super Cyalume Chiharu Coord - Her Super Cyalume Coord.


Mizuki Hoshizora - Her fellow teammate in SHiMer. She showed Chiharu around the academy when she first came. As part of SHiMer, they are close friends. The two went their separate ways after graduating from the academy together.

Shion Todo - Her fellow teammate in SHiMer. They're not extremely close, but are good friends and Chiharu looks out for her like she does with every other member. The two went their separate ways after Chiharu graduated from the academy.

Hikari Todo - Her fellow teammate in SHiMer. The two of them have similar interests and personalities, causing them to be good friends. Yuki mentioned that she shipped them in a Q&A session. The two went their separate ways after graduating from the academy together.

Jewlie/Jewlulu - Chiharu takes care of Jewlulu quite frequently when Shion needs a break (with the help of Mizuki and Hikari). As Jewlie, they get along well. After graduation, Chiharu occasionally communicates with Jewlie.


  • She is the first and only OC of Ivanly who only has one name.
  • She is the first character to graduate from the academy twice.
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