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Charolette Éclair is a thirteen year old girl who plans on becoming a top idol someday. She's admired Pripara for a very long time, and wants to become just like them. Charolette is a pop type idol, and her main brand is Candy Alamode. She is the cousin of Lyra Adachi, and a friend of Allegra.            

She's one of AutumnSapphire's main characters.            

Character Apperance

Charolette has two, mocha brown colored pigtails that reach her elbows, tied up with hair ties. Part of her hair is clipped with two white clips. Charolette wears a sleeveless brown dress, with a pink belt and apron. Her dress has two ribbons that wrap around her shoulders. She has a pink choker around her neck, and a pair of boots.

Outside of Pripara, Charolette doesn't change much. Her hair reaches at her shoulders, and her eyes are a dark green.


Charolette is basically like a TV show host. She's loud, optimistic and boastful. She says things in a sort of sing-song tone. Sometimes, she literally sings phrases. 


Lyra Adachi: Her cousin. Charolette is usually seen with her. They perform together as a unit.

Allegra: A good friend. Charolette was the one to get Allegra into PriPara. They perform together as a unit.


  • Charolette is an absolute faliure at baking, especially cakes. She will never get the proper consistency. 
  • Ironically, her theme is based on a chocolate and strawberry cake.
  • Charolette's birthday is on the 27th of January.
  • She isn't very flexible.
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