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Template:Idol Info Charlotte Vert (シャーロット ・ ベール) is the producer and recruiter of Symphonata Productions whose job is to scout idols that fit the requirements of the agency. She is the current ruler of the Saga Dimension whose base operation is on Japan. She is voiced by Hayami Saori (早見沙織) in Japanese.


Charlotte is the calm and tender recruiter and producer of Symphonata Productions who looks after her idols. She knows what is best for her idols and would do anything at the best of her ability to help them become top idols.

Character Description

History and Background

Charlotte grew up in the Saga Dimension and has admired a lot of the previous Saga Rulers by that. Once she became the Saga Ruler of the Jewel Era, she promises to improve and spread the Prism Magic across the universe. She resides in Japan to train idols, which was her dream.




Calm and tender, Charlotte has an approachable aura that no idol can escape from. She is also smart and knows the capabilities and weaknesses of her idols. Though she may have a personality of a goddess, she claims to be imperfect and doesn't mind making mistakes as long as she believes that is where others will learn from.

Hobbies and Skills

Charlotte likes to scout for idols and doesn't care if she scouted a hundred for a day. She also likes to watch television (anime in particular) while eating popcorn. She has this skill of persuading others into her plans without any malice planned.


Charlotte is a dessert made of stewed fruit or mousse with a casing or covering of bread, sponge cake, ladyfingers, or breadcrumbs.

Vert is the color green in French.

Series Overview


  • Really, that's amazingly amazing of the amazing!
    • Whenever she saw a person with an idol potential


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