Blessed Hope Coord
Mikan SymphonataRegular
Kanji ブレセドホープ
Romaji buresedohōpu
RaritySuper Rare
BrandAcapella from Symphonata!
User(s)Mikan Shiratama

Blessed Hope Coord is a Calm-type coord used by Mikan as her casual coord as a member of Symphonata Productions inside and outside of PriPara. Using the Cyalume Sticker, she can use this coord as a Cyalume coord.


Blessed Hope Dress

A dress composed of a sky blue corset-style top. The arm holes are ruffled, while the top of the chest is purple. Beneath it is a white section with pink string on top of it, matching the dark pink ribbon at the collar. The skirt is in two layers, the top violet, the bottom sky blue, both with a large pink winged heart design on it. Comes with a blue bracelet.

Blessed Hope Shoes

Violet shoes with white detail and a loose ruffled sky blue cuff, accented with a single dark pink bow.

Blessed Hope Ribbon

A blue ribbon.


  • Mikan only uses the coord for her Symphonata activities. She still uses the Silky Heart Cyalume Coord as her casual coord when doing other activities.
    • However, Mikan uses this as her casual coord outside PriPara.


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