Bell Renjouji

Edel Rose Team S | Bell Rose Beru

Seventh Coord Brilliant | Seventh Coord Platinum Beru 3

Kanji 蓮城寺べる
Romaji Renjouji Beru
Personal Info
BirthdayNovember 11
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorLight Blue
FamilyRitsu Renjouji (mother)

Yukihide Renjouji (father)

Home PlaceHarajuku / Parajuku
OccupationPrism Star

Idol Bell Rose

First AppearancePretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Get music!
Favorite Brand(s)Pretty Rhythm
Image Color
Voice ActressHaruka Tomatsu

Bell Renjouji (蓮城寺べる) is a Sexy / Celeb-type idol who uses the brand Pretty Rhythm. She is being used by no one at the moment. Bell is a very famous Prism Star and is a Prism Queen (at the time of PRRL). Her Prism Live instrument is a violin.


Bell's hair is bright red and is reaches the bottom of her back. Her eyes are bright blue. Contrasting Naru Ayase, she is very tall. Her main color of clothing is red (with a touch of black).


Bell is very confident, mature and a professional when it comes to any audition or competition. She speaks very politely all the time, but usually scares people off with her words when she is in a bad mood. Bell is a popular and capable student of Edel Rose, but is also very intimidating because of her number one status.

During the course of Rainbow Live, she changes her personality from being very serious and trying to intimidate people to much more caring and happy (but she can still be serious from time to time).


Wakana Morizono and Otoha Takanashi: Her fellow teammates from Bell Rose who she loves very much.

Naru Ayase: One of her rivals. She hated Naru in the beginning as said that she "didn't like people like her". But after realizing that she didn't always have to be perfect, she welcomed Naru as a friend. The two sang "Little Wing and Beautiful Pride" together at the Winter White session and they won second place.



Significant Coords

  • Edel Rose Team S Unit Coord - Before they were an official unit, Wakana, Otoha, and Bell wore very similar pieces of clothing.
  • Bell Rose Unit Coord - Her unit coord after Bell Rose.
  • Seventh Coord Sexy Dress - Her main Seventh Coord and her casual coord in PriPara.


  • Bell (べる) could either be talking about the instrument or the fact that Bell in french (belle) means "beautiful".
  • Renjouji (蓮城寺) means "Lotus palace temple".


  • Her voice actor, Haruka Tomatsu, shares her first name with Haruka Shirogane, another character on the wiki.
  • She likes teddy bears and roses.
  • She is the only Prism Star in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live who was never seen wearing her Basic coord.
  • She's Meru's waifu.
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