Ayana Kurokawa

Inside | Outside Ayana

Kanji 黑川あやな
Romaji Kurokawa Ayana
Personal Info
Age14(but she claims her age is 700)
Species40% Vampire,60% Human
BirthdayDecember 24
Blood TypeA
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorRed(left)


Home PlaceDorm 879
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Please Venus
Favorite Brand(s)LOVE DEVI

Holic Trick Classic

Image Color
Voice ActressManami Numakura
SingerRemi from STAR☆ANIS
'As the daughter of the Great Vampire Dracula's and the great Vampire Princess Maiden arrived PriPara,I will suck YOUR blood!!'-Ayana

Ayana Kurokawa(黑川あやな )is a Cool-type idol. Her chosen brand is LOVE DEVI and Holic Trick Classic. She have a vampire personality and she is a hybrid of human and vampire.


Ayana has long dark brown hair and red and navy eyes. Her left eye is red and right eye is navy. Her hair curls at the end.

Outside PriPara,she has shorter and straight black hair. Ayana has brown eyes. She is always seen to be wearing a purple shirt and a blue denim skirt.


She is cold to the others and she seldom barely speaks more than 3 sentences to strangers. However,she is quite nice to her own sister,_____.



  • Like her sister ____,she always complains about different things.
  • She often stay in her dorm,stuck her headphones into her ears and listen to different songs.
  • Ayana is a huge classic and rock music fan.
  • She is super good at memorizing things. She can even remember a month schedule of rock lives or classic music lives.
  • She borns at Slience Night.


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