Template:Idol InfoAsami Hanazuki(朝美花月)is a Cute-type idol who choose the brand Twinkle Ribbon.

She is MizukiMoonrise's fifth character.


Asami has long brown hair tied into two pigtails and alder eyes.She has shorter hair tied into buns on her head outside PriPara.


She is kind,friendly and hard-working.She hate obeying rules but she like creating rules to let people to obey.She is also a quick-learner.Asami isn't sporty and she is quiet.


  • Mizuki:She knew where did Asami came from before she told her.She is also the first person to know Asami came from the future.
  • Mirai Hoshimiya:They quickly get along because they have the same taste of things.They always meet to have training.


  • She would faint if she sees a lot of blood.
  • She doesn't have a big stomach and she is a vegetarian.
  • Asami's best friend is Mirai.
  • She shares her voice actress and singer with Sakura Kitaoji.
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