Template:Idol InfoAmai Nanamizu is an eight year old girl who is the younger sister of Kendo Nanamizu. She is a 2nd grader who goes to the same elementary school as Violet. They're next door neighbors and Amai supports Violet's crush on Blue-Sama.


Amai has medium length orange hair and red eyes. She shares the same hair style as Scarlet Sunstar.

In the PriPara world, She has an orange T-Shirt that says "GANBARE!" on it. She wears a blue skirt and black sneakers.


Amai is the best friend you'll ever have. She is supportive, cheering, and keeps secrets. She is best friends with Violet and will both make tactics on how to get Blue-Sama's attention.

She is also best friends with Hidamari. She likes to come over to her house and watch anime with her. She has a crush on Hidamari's adoptive father Rei.


Violet Sunstar - Her best friend and her fellow tactician.

Hidamari Midorikawa - Her otaku best friend.

Rei Midorikawa - Her precocious crush.

Kendo Nanamizu - Her older brother. She has a good relationship with him. She lives with him and he takes care of her.


Nanamizu (七水) means "the seven seas". Amai, while it frequently means "sweet", (甘い) actually means in the kanji of her name, "love dance".


  • Amai tends to end her sentences with either "shuu", (シュウ) "kyu" (キュ), "chu" (チュ) or "mufu" (ムフ), making her the second gobi idol by GanbareHannahChan, proceeded by Ayami.
  • She is the second loli to have a precocious crush, proceeded by Violet.
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