Alice is a girl who uses the brand is Rosette Jewel and Twinkle Ribbon.Template:Idol Info


Alice has pink hair with a short little right side ponytail and purple eyes inside PriPara. She has brown long hair and blue eyes outside PriPara.


She is quite friendly and adventurous. She would be jealous sometimes and she is a crybaby sometimes. She is calm but if you do something bad to her, you would easily to make her in her 'demon mode'.


Laala Manaka: Alice is SoLaMi SMiLe's fan. Laala guided her in PriPara.

Mirei Minami: Alice is SoLaMi SMiLe's fan. Mirei helped her to find a manager.

Sophie Hojo: Alice is SoLaMi SMiLe's fan. Sophie helped her to surivie the nervous before her debut.

Shia Yuika: Shia helped Alice to chose her brand and the coord she wear on the debut live.


  • Her chosen brand is Twinkle Ribbon and Rosette Jewel.
  • She is a day-dreamer.She would can day-dreaming at anytime and anywhere.
  • She isn't really care that what people call her or whatever.
  • Alice scared spiders most.
  • She loves fairy tales very much.
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