Akemi Hatanaka

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Kanji 畠中 アケミ
Romaji Hatanaka Akemi
Personal Info
Age16 (AFA)
BirthdayFebruary 14
Blood TypeO
Hair ColorBright Strawberry
Eye ColorGrey
FamilyIna Hatanaka (mother)
Ryogo Hatanaka (father)
Lily Hatanaka (sister)
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Family (Debut Live)
Favorite Brand(s)Secret Garden*
Image Color
Voice ActressMia Kusakabe
Akemi Hatanaka is a character made by GASUV46 who debuted in an episode of Season 4. She is a student studying at both Pripara Idol Academy & Paprika Private Academy. She is a Natural-type idol, and her preferred brand is Secret Garden*. She is the leader of the trio team, M♪racle Tune.


Akemi is a girl with pinkish-peach hair, and grey eyes. Her hair is styled in a same hairstyle as Fuwari, but a bit longer and with a small pigtail on a side.


Akemi is fun-loving and kind to everyone. She loves to make new friends. She is also a smart girl in every way, as she gets good grades in her class and knows the basic rules of a show.


  • Clare Henderson - A member of her group, M♪racle Tune. Akemi thinks Clare is a little too girly, but they help each other a lot in certain ways.
  • Rumi Yoshida - She is also a member of M♪racle Tune. Rumi likes to tease Akemi, but after Rumi apologizes, Akemi happily accepts it.
  • Ryogo Hatanaka - Akemi's father.
  • Yumemi Hatanaka - Akemi's mother.
  • Reina Hatanaka - Her old sister. After knowing that her sister was an idol, Reina gave her a PriTicket.


Akemi is also one of the students who sneaks into PriPara. Her sister gave her a PriTicket, after Akemi knew that her sister was an idol, so the secret wouldn't really pop out to her parents. Akemi is part of the music club, which Clare also is in it. After many obstacles in PriPara world, she found her true friends and made the group M♪racle Tune.

Significant Coords



  • She once said to try eating tiramisu, but after offered by Clare, she declines.
    • She has a phobia on chocolate because she once chocked on it when she was little. Maybe that's why she doesn't like tiramisu.
  • Outside of PriPara, her family owns a family cafe called 'Parajuku SpecialZ'.


Her first name, Akemi (アケミ) means beautiful sunrise.

Her surname, Hatanaka (畠中) means ‘(one who lives) in the midst of the fields’.

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