Template:Idol Info Ajimi Kiki is an upcoming original character of PriPara. She is a pop type idol who uses the brand Candy Alamode More. She is currently being used by YukiTomoe so please ask the user if you would like to use her in roleplay. If you use her without permission, you will receive a Warning Ticket.

In the canon of the DictatorSHIP arc, she's ironically HibiHaru's future daughter.


Ajimi is a very hyper and energetic girl. She tends to add the names of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci onto the end of her sentences.


Ajimi has pink hair which are tied in the near end and has amber eyes. She also wears glasses. Outside PriPara she is a teacher but keeps her child-like appearance.


  • Miyuki Akiyama - Ajimi saw Miyuki in Prism Stone and introduced the facilities to her in PriPara. Ajimi thinks Miyuki is really cute. In the end of Miyuki's live, they swapped friend tickets.
  • Cosmo Hojo - Cosmo was Ajimi's rival in a designer school in PriParis. Ajimi returned to Parajuku in hopes of meeting Cosmo again and having another designer showdown with her. They are teammates in Ucchari Big Bang and the now-disbanded unit Q·P⋆C🌑SMIX.
  • Hibiki Shikyoin - She knew her since they were little, as Ajimi used to steal fruits from her garden. She tried to befriend her after her she locked herself in her mansion, but ended up scaring her with her crazy personality. She appears to be the reason behind Hibiki's hatred for sentence enders.
  • Chanko - Her teammate in Ucchari Big Bang.


  • She is the third known idol to wear glasses, and the second one to wear them inside PriPara.
  • She is the third known idol to not have any wings/feathers.
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