Aine Hoshimiya

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Personal Info
Age16 years
Specieshalf human half angel
BirthdayNot Chosen
ZodiacNot Chosen x2
Blood Type0-
Hair ColorMagenta and Orange switched with pastel pink
Eye ColorOrange
FamilyMr Hoshimiya

Mrs Hoshimiya



Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Thank you It'll be alright

Believe It

Favorite Brand(s)Angely Melody
Image Color
Voice ActressAzusa Tadokoro
SingerAzusa Tadokoro
ManagerDon't have
Aine Hoshimiya is a multy-typed Idol whose brand is Angely Melody for Normal and Love Me Tear for Lovely.She is 16 years old and has an "Musical Angel" character.


For normal Aine has dual colored long hair which colors are Magenta and a switch between pastel pink and orange.Her eyes are orange and her skin is a little pinky.She often wears earings.


  • (Normal)Aine in Normal Mode is a "Musical Angel", She is kind and has a bug heart. She loves make friends and puts a lot of effort in friendships.
  • (Cool)In cool mode Aine is "Tsundere" and blushes with facility.
  • (Premium) In premium mode She falls asleep with facility.She is calm and pure.
  • (Pop) TBA
  • (Celeb) TBA


  • Aine means Love Sound.
  • Hoshimiya means temple of stars.
  • Aine loves her family.
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