Template:Idol InfoAdalia Smith is a Lovely type Idol.Her brand was Twinkle Ribbon, however now she uses the brand created by her, Fairy Maiden, although sometimes she uses Fantasy Time.

Adalia is an OC of Adalia Smith but has been lent to DREAMINGCODE13 in this wikia


Adalia usually acts mostly using her head, despite the fact that most of the time she doesn't get good results. She gets distracted easily, which causes her to be very clumsy. She is an optimistic girl who is not afraid to take risks. She always seems cheerful and sees the positive side of things. She has great determination, and once a goal is proposed, She will not stop until she gets it. Her very persistence often leads her to overstress herself.

It should be noted that Adalia is quite innocent. Never catches jokes with double meaning, in addition to other things she doesn't understand.

She loves nature, animals and the environment. She often says that she knows how to talk to them, although not many people believe her.


  • Lily Ohara - Adalia and Lily are close, and Adalia considers her one of her best friends. She likes her company and likes to be with her.


  • Her birthday is February 18, so her sign is Aquarius.
    • When she was younger, she wanted her sign to be Capricorn, because the word "Cornio" in the sign reminded her of unicorns
  • The fact that she doesn't uses honorifics has generated several conflicts implying that it is disrespectful, despite the fact that she tries to maintain a position of respect in front of anyone.
  • She is very sensitive and sentimental, apart from being very weepy.
  • She can play the acoustic guitar. He would also like to learn to play the piano.
  • Her specialties are eating lots of fruit and saving money without spending it.
  • She loves flowers, especially the yellow rose, which are her favorites.
    • She has a notebook full of information about flowers for that reason.
  • She loves to cook things related to pastry.
  • Both she and her neighbors thought she would be a Pop Idol.
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